Top Five Chief Bridesmaid Gifts

wedding-and-bridesmaid-dressesHow could you have coped without your Chief Bridesmaid? With all the wedding kerfuffle going on, she has been your rock. When you nearly had a nervous breakdown over the wrong flower arrangements, she kept you calm. From planning the hen party, shopping for ‘the’ dress, helping the groom pick out your ring,  to menu tasting and choosing the perfect reception décor, she has been a godsend. So what could you possibly get her to thank her for being your unofficial wedding planner? Here are some great ideas for chief bridesmaid gifts.

Spa day or weekend

Planning a wedding is a very stressful time even with the excitement of planning your special day. Your chief bridesmaid has been taking some of that pressure off you, but is bound to feel some stress from playing such an important role in your wedding. While you’re being whisked away on your most deserved honeymoon, why not treat her at the same time and book her into a lovely spa retreat? She can de-stress with endless massages, facials, manicures and rejuvenating treatments, re-charging her batteries and enjoying some well-deserved time

Money Saving Secrets for Your Wedding

money-saving-wedding-tipsIf you’re clever you could save hundreds on your dream wedding with just a few small changes. By making secret savings here and there you’ll have more to spend on what’s really important to you, whether that’s the top class venue, award-winning photographer, a luxury honeymoon or a couture gown, and no one need ever know. Here are my top money saving ideas for your wedding.

It’s really all about compromise when you have a budget to work to and it’s good to know you can easily make savings and still do it in style.

When less is more

Rustic wedding style is all the rage and not just for ethical or political reasons. Natural wedding style, with its warm and friendly rustic country look can be a lot less expensive. After a good old fashioned stroll to the ceremony venue, celebrate after with a simple picnic or reception in a barn or woodland retreat. Be inspired by more ideas in our Rustic Wedding Theme.

Get your dress for less

The National Wedding Show is an amazing opportunity to see hundreds of gowns by different designers all in one place. You’ll see the latest collections on the catwalk, be able to try on gowns and

Social Media Wedding Etiquette

social-media-ban-at-wedding-630There’s nothing more exciting than logging on to Facebook and seeing that someone you know is engaged or has just gotten married. Whether they are your best friend or an acquaintance, we can’t help but want to know every little detail about their Big Day and shamelessly pour through all the photos!

Some brides and grooms embrace the social media culture and openly encourage their guests with the use of a catchy wedding day hash tag. Other couples, on the other hand, don’t and have an ‘un-plugged’ wedding, where guests are asked to turn their phones off.

Whilst we love a good wedding and even more so when it’s our turn to walk down the aisle, it is always worth bearing in mind a few essential social media wedding etiquette rules. Whether you are the bride, groom, friends or family, take on board the points below to ensure there aren’t any unforgivable social media faux pas!


1.We’re engaged!

The love of your life has finally put a ring on it! We know you want to shout it from the rooftops, but it’s probably best to tell your closest friends

3 Wedding First Dance

The wedding first dance is a lovely tradition. It’s the part of the reception, after the wedding breakfast and speeches, where the bride and groom take their ‘first dance’ as husband and wife, in front of all their friends and family, to the sound of a much-loved and specially chosen song.

Picture the scene… the cake has been cut and the moment has come for the DJ to play ‘your song’. As smiling newlyweds you gracefully slide onto the dance floor and take your first steps… The music twirls around you, while every guest’s eyes are upon you, the whole room has paused to watch you dance. You sway together, smiling… you sway… you sway… a little sidestep perhaps… you sway some more… it’s only been 15 seconds… sway… your smile is fading slightly… the song still has 3.42 minutes to go… sway… sway some more… and on and on and on… until you wish you’d chosen a shorter song, or had learned some steps to make it a bit more interesting.

It takes two to tango

Will you sway and shuffle to your music for 60 seconds before inviting your guests onto the dance floor, or put on a finely rehearsed dance spectacular worthy of

How To Insure Your Wedding Abroad

It seems this summer has been the summer for getting married abroad for everybody, celebrities included.  It all started with Keira Nightley and James Righton in May and then it snowballed – Tina Turner married her long term partner in Switzerland, Denise Welch married Lincoln Townley in the Algarve, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger married in France in a gothic themed wedding, and Theo Walcott has married his childhood sweetheart in a medieval style themed wedding in Italy.

As many lucky British brides are finding out, you don’t have to be a moneyed celeb to enjoy a wedding abroad! However, one thing you do have to be is smart about it – it’s still an expensive day no matter where it happens and it’s best to be prepared!

You may not realise that you can get coverage in the UK for your wedding abroad. Aside from the obvious advantage of being covered, you spare yourself some possible hassle from foreign companies who may be unreliable, or may not explain clearly what your policy covers (perhaps due to things being “lost in translation”), or you’d have to rely on your wedding planner’s recommendation instead of deciding on your own. Best then to get

Alternative Wedding Car Ideas

The wedding car can be a real show stealer with its ribbon on the bonnet, Just Married sign and tin cans tied to the exhaust. If the thought of a white vintage ‘Roller’ makes you yawn, add some adventure to your day with one or even two of these deliciously different ideas for your wedding transport.

Double decker, open-top and party bus

Everyone loves an open-top bus on a sunny day. If some of your guests are staying at the reception venue, you could make their lives easier by having them catch the bus from there to the ceremony and back. If the venues are close enough, have the bus return to pick up the bride, her father and bridesmaids too!  It will make your summer wedding memorable and your wedding photos look amazing.

For something even more exciting, book a Party Bus complete with sound system, lights and drinks! The bride and groom could be sipping champagne on the back seat with all their guests toasting them as the driver brings you all back together to continue celebrations at the reception.

Retro wedding cars and camper vans

For a retro 1950s inspired wedding you can’t beat a Hollywood Diana Dors style pink Cadillac with its plush leather

Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Take this essential list of questions with you when looking for a venue – the only way to find out if they’re perfect for you is to ask as much as you can!

Booking that dream venue is one of the first and most important items on your to-do list. With so much wedding planning on your mind, it’s really important to ask the right questions to avoid disappointments and costly surprises later.

Venues will often be able to offer you a range of services such as food, drink and music. Many will take a lot of the organization out of your hands. Book as early as you can to get your preferred date, and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or freebies!

  1. Does the venue suit your theme?
  2. Is it big enough to accommodate all your guests?
  3. Do they have an in-house wedding co-coordinator?
  4. Do they have equipment you can use or will you have to hire tables, chairs, linens, plates, glassware, etc?
  5. Do they have in-house catering or must you hire your own?
  6. Do you have an option to bring in your own caterer?
  7. If you are bringing a caterer in, will they have access to a kitchen, power, running water, etc?
  8. Will you be having finger